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Ftp Tutorials:

Use these tutorial links with several popular FTP clients:

Beginner's Guide to FTP

CoffeeCup - Composer (Netscape) - CuteFTP - IE - Microsoft Publisher - WS_FTP

Http Tutorials:

Quick reference to HTTP headers: This lists all the message headers defined in the HTTP/1.1 protocol, with short descriptions. In the list, the name of the header is a link to its definition in the protocol itself.

HTTP Made Really Easy: This tutorial explains the simple, English-based structure of HTTP communication, and teaches you the practical details of writing HTTP clients and servers. It assumes you know basic socket programming.

W3C HTTP Overview: W3C page with links to specifications, drafts, papers and reports, sample software, mailing lists, etc.

HTTP/1.1 RFC: Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1

HyperText Transfer Protocol (WDVL): Overview of general properties of http, http headers, request and response.

How Http Works: A one-page introduction to http. If you click the "Home" link you will get a page where you can type in a web address and see the http headers displayed.

HTTP Codes: No doubt you have seen 404 already, but this page has a list of many http codes and their meaning.

Http Attributes: Attributes describe the web server and the requested file. This is a list of some of the more common ones.

HTTP Specifications and Drafts: IETF Request For Comments (RFCs).

IETF Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Working Group: Internet Engineering Task Force working group page has various drafts, papers, mailing list archive and http resources.

Change History for HTTP (W3C): This is the inverse chronological list of changes to the HTTP specification. (downloadable reports).

The Original HTTP as defined in 1991: This document defines the Hypertext Transfer protocol (HTTP) as originally implemented by the World Wide Web initiative software in the prototype released. This is a subset of the full HTTP protocol, and is known as HTTP 0.9.

Basic HTTP as defined in 1992: This document is a hyperlinked Internet Draft. This is a historic document and is not accurate anymore (but still interesting nonetheless).


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