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October 20Th, 2011


 My son's computer crashed.  He gets BSOD, every time he tries to boot. 
Can their pics can be recovered from the hard drive??


 Yes, it's possible to retrieve data from most any hard disk drive. If it's not broken, any fair computer tech can most likely recover data from it fairly cheap. However, if it's broken it can get expensive to recover the data. Ask yourself; is the data important? If it's business information or family photo's, then it probably is.

July 20Th, 2008


 Hello, my baby grabbed my mouse the other day, and now my taskbar is on the right side of my screen. I've been trying to figure out how to put it back the way it was, any ideas? I'm using XP Pro SP2.


 First, right click on the taskbar and remove the checkmark by "Lock the taskbar", if it's checked. Next, place your mouse in the middle of the taskbar (on a blank spot), press and hold the left mouse button down. The pointer should turn to 4 arrows, while holding the mouse button down, drag it to the bottom of the screen. If the taskbar moved then let go of the mouse. to prevent this from happing in the future, remember to go back and re-checkmark "Lock the taskbar".


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