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 Want to make your next party a blast? Have you thought of creating a DJ setlist of all your MP3s, rather than a boring playlist. All this is pretty easy nowadays; there are a couple of incredible software that can make you a good amateur DJ. I will be showing just the ‘4 Best DJ Mixing Tools (Freeware)‘.

KraMixer DJ Software v1.0.3 (Windows Vista, Freeware)
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Torrent: Downlaod      
Hash: D1360984 98D31743 73E6AF8 372168C9 8225C41E

KraMixer DJ Software

This software duplicates to a hardware DJ system, with two decks and controls. It comes with a fancy sound engine called FMOD (FMOD is the sound engine used by KraMixer and is also used by Playstation 2 and XBox game authors. It is proven to be one of the fastest sound engines available today.


  • Manual and Automatic BPM Counters
  • Automatic BPM matching
  • Support for MP3, Wav and Ogg File Formats
  • Variable Frequency Range (from +/-1% to +/-49%)
  • 8 Built-In Sound Effects including Echo, Flange, Reverb and Compressor
  • Real-Time Recording to MP3 Format
  • High Speed Sound Engine With 2 Modes of Operation
  • ID3-V1 Tag Compatible
  • Turntable-Like Braking Functions
  • Manual looping with multiple loop points per channel.
  • Options For Headphone Cueing (mono with monitor of left channel and master on right)

Download KraMixer DJ Software v1.0.3 (Windows Vista, Freeware)

DJ Music Mixer v3.6 (Windows) Download

This is a straight-up emulation of a Hardware DJ deck, with playlists on the left and right for selecting your two tracks.


  • Work with two independent decks.
  • Full-functionality on effects such as Chorus, Flanger, Gargle, Echo, Distortion.
  • Use ’sampler’ which has its own player and volume control.
  • Auto and manual crossfader.
  • Pitch control on MP3 and WAV files

Download DJ Music Mixer v3.6 (Windows)

I Am The Mighty Jungulator v.4.3 (Mac OS X) Download

I Am The Mighty Jungulator

This is one powerful piece, though very light on the system. It has support for multiple audio files, and may seem a little daunting when you encounter it for the first time, as it also includes some synthesizing features. Nevertheless, it works wonders and is loads of fun, as you can also make grooves and trigger off sound effects even as your main track is playing. This is the perfect tool for a budding remixer.

Download I Am The Mighty Jungulator v.4.3 (Mac OS X)

DeKstasy v1.3.6 (Mac OS X) Download

DeKstasy v1.3.6

This one is different.  While it is aimed at DJs of all levels, amateurs and absolute beginners will love it, as it has a more friendly GUI, where the tracks run horizontally and display their waveform.


  • Analyze a file’s BPM and create an exact beat signature for TRUE beat matching.
  • Play tracks on four virtual decks, all at once and all perfectly synced up.
  • Automatically beat match to any external audio signal — makes tag-teaming a breeze!
  • Easily loop sections of playing tracks, all live and in real time.
  • Carry around hours and hours worth of music, all on your laptop; a 20GB drive will give you over 200 hours of music encoded at high quality.
  • Visually set up the mix without worrying about the synchronization of the tracks, allowing you to stay focused on the mixer and not on the decks.
  • Organize all your tracks into virtual Crates and Albums
  • Encode and import tracks from Audio CDs or records, or simply import pre-existing MP3’s.

Download DeKstasy v1.3.6 (Mac OS X)


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