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Q. What can Technical-Chaos, do for me?

 A. We can remotely connect to your PC and remove infections like Virus's, Spyware, Malware, Scareware, Root Kits, Highjacker's, as well as uninstall or reinstall any problematic software. Also we can update your Windows and hardware device drivers. We can optimize your system for optimal performance and in turn, you will get a more enjoyable PC experience.  

 We can perform back-up's of your system and files. We can even setup your home/office networks, printers, and security systems, even if they are wireless.

 Tech is our first name and we have over 20+ years experience working with windows PC's and home/office networks. We help many people for Free, in our live text and voice chats (see our contact page).

Infections Aftermath

 Have you ever had issues where your PC don't seem to do things right? And you've used every anti-virus and malware/spyware remover available? Well the problem may not be an infection at all. When you did all those scans with all those different programs thinking that your PC was infected, it's possible that you may have already removed any infection that may have caused the problem in the first place.

 It's been my experience that sometimes when you remove an infection, it can leave behind damage to the Operating System, Web Browser, Network Settings, or other software and settings. The trick is to identify if it's in the Operating System, or other. If your lucky, you may only need a file association fix, or reinstall some software, or reset your Web Browser. The main thing to do is not get any infection to begin with. So get to know about 2-3 good malware/spyware cleaners and get a good Anti-Virus. (See my picks below)

 Who doesn't like free? I recommend the following because the free versions do a outstanding job of helping you keep your PC clear of infections. The only downfall is if you want real time protection, you will have to buy them (They are worth the price). We all know that stopping an infection from accessing your system is the main key to prevention.

My Anti Malware/Spyware and Anti-Virus Picks:

 1. MalwareBytes: It's a free program and it does a real good job of cleaning out any threats as far as malware and spyware.
 2. TDSSKiller: Is a Anti-Rootkit utility. It will update if its to old. :)
 3.. SuperAntiSpyware:  Another free program that does a real good job, and it plays nice with MalwareBytes.
 4. Avast Free Anti-Virus: One of the top Anti-Virus programs out today and it's FREE!
 5. Hitman Pro: Is another good one.

If all else fails, three is still a few other things you can try.

 A. Try Windows System Restore: Restore your PC to an earlier time.
 B. A final resort before a format and reinstall of Windows is to run a program called: ComboFix
 C. Factory Recovery of your PC. Follow these steps: Reboot. Read the screen and look for "Recovery", and press the corresponding F-Key to enter Recovery.
      (Tip: It's before you see Starting Windows)

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